June 26, 2022

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 By Pembe Ibrahim

I have been away from North Cyprus for a short break to recharge my batteries and also catch up with family and old friends and I was staggered and delighted to read the news this past week in the UK Daily Star online which had the following headlines :

EXCLUSIVE: British families cheated out of £35 million by fraudster Gary Robb

HUNDREDS of families who were cheated out of their savings by a property dealer have been given the chance to claim some of it back.

This is really good news for all of those people who paid out good money Garry Robbfor properties from Aga Developments Ltd only to find their dreams collapse in tatters along with AGA Developments Ltd and perhaps even the properties that they dreamed of living and taking their holidays in. To read more of this article please click here.

There has been no news yet from the Turkish Cypriot Government regarding this property issue but the great news in this article from the UK which says that after a nine-year legal battle, the High Court has now invited victims to claim a share of £1.5 million of Robb’s ill-gotten gains, which was seized by the National Crime Agency.

Click here to read the document which details the claim.


Pembe Ibrahim

Citizens Advice Cyprus,

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