March 23, 2023

Nicosia Declaration released by Nicosia Initiative

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Nicosia Initiative, comprising some organizations operating in Nicosia, requested from the Administrative for Nicosia to be inclusive, participatory, equitable, healthy, green, sustainable and livable city and released “The Nicosia Declaration” which they believe may be a Nicosia Initiative Conferenceroadmap in this direction.

Nicosia Initiative, which recognizes international rights in the Nicosia Declaration with documents such as “World City Rights Conditions” and ” European Conditions for the Protection of Human Rights in Cities”, requested green, non-discriminated, cultural, sportive, activities, relaxation and sports venues, green spaces for healthy living, unobstructed infrastructure, tidy and well-maintained environment-human relationship, affordable prices for public transport, bicycle paths and cycling encouragement, vulnerable groups that are not marginalized, facilities where criticism and actions can freely carried out, protection of cultural heritage, passing on to future generations and revitalization.

The Nicosia Initiative has announced the Nicosia Declaration at a press conference held in Nicosia Arabahmet Culture and Art Centre.

The Press Conference was attended by Girne American University (GAU) CEO and Vice Chancellor of the Board of Administrators – Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, GAU Vice Chancellor of the Board of Administrators – Olgun Üstün, Vice Dean of GAU Architecture, Design and Fine Arts Faculty – Assist. Prof. Dr. Hossein Sadri and representatives of civil society organizations.Assist. Prof. Dr Hossein Sadri (right)

Hossein Sadri, who spoke on behalf of Nicosia Initiative, gave information about the formation process and works of the Nicosia Initiative and stated that they are working for the Initiative to become more active and that they will need support and participation from all organizations.

Sadri explained that they will discuss the demands of the Nicosia Declaration with the presidential candidates in the local government, will request from them to fulfill the demands once elected and expressed that they expect the support of the public for a more green and livable Nicosia.

Asım Vehbi who spoke on behalf organizations that form the Nicosia Initiative, stated that this declaration is a beginning for Nicosia, that all Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbinon-governmental organizations should contribute and that they expect everyone to take responsibility.

Vehbi stated that they want to contribute to the future by providing a sustainable, healthy, green environment to Nicosia and underlined that the purpose of the declaration is a completely environmentally friendly Nicosia.

Vehbi, who emphasized that Nicosia will be a more livable capital city if everyone fulfills their own duties, expressed that they expect support from all organizations.

Organizations that have signed the Nicosia Declaration:

“Girne American University – Environmental and Nature Research Centre, GAU Cyprus American University, Cyprus Children’s Foundation, Turkish Cypriot Orthopedic Disability Association, POST Research Institute and Traffic Accident Prevention Association.”

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