January 30, 2023

Glyn’s Wheel Turning Tips

June 2014

From the Car Clinic in Çatalköy

By Mary Day

Be Aware! Keep Your Vehicle Safe, Dependable and on the road longer

Glyn Morgan is the owner of the newly opened Car Clinic in Çatalköy and will be giving us regular tips on maintenance to help us keep our vehicles on the road and this month this is what he has to say:


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Summer driving advice

Long journeys, high temperatures and heavy traffic.

The high temperatures and busy roads of summer put extra demands on both car and driver. With a little planning and preparation though you should be able to reduce the risk of a breakdown and keep stress levels to a minimum.

Take care of Key fobs

Drowned or lost key fobs

Sea salt & sand can cause problems for Key fobsIt’s easy to lose your car keys in sand on the beach or take the remote control for a swim and then find that car doors won’t open.

Salt in sea water can ruin electric circuits and render transponder keys useless. Most cars will have an alternative method of entry if the remote key fails – check the handbook so that in the event of this happening you will know what to do but it’s better to keep keys safe and dry in the first place.


Keep Your Car Keys Safe!

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