February 7, 2023

A Record Breaking Cyprus Wedding


By Carol Blackwell Gibbs

Every week we read of romantic events and weddings in Northern Cyprus and let’s face it, Northern Cyprus is becoming increasingly more popular as a wedding destination year on year.

Mr And Mrs Murden 2
Mr And Mrs Murden

Recently I had a very unusual challenge which after a lot of hard work in organising, was a wedding which broke many records. On Friday May 23rd I received a phone call from Trevor Jones. Trevor told me of a couple who were staying at their apartment at the Citrus Tree, Karşiyaka who wanted to get married whilst they were on holiday for a month. What a challenge! They had their birth certificates etc with them.

It was not possible to organise the wedding on the northern side as they needed to visit the TRNC Office in London with UK solicitors papers (Certificates of Non Impediment), so my thoughts went to organising a Civil wedding on the south side in the Nicosia Town hall.

On the Monday morning, I made contact with the Nicosia Town hall and explained the situation. They were very helpful. I checked that the Happy Couple, John Murden & Josie Morley, had entered Cyprus via the south side, as they do not recognise Ercan as an entry point. Yes, they had, so no problems. Everything was arranged for Wednesday May 28th.

As they were travelling light for their holiday on Monday May 26th, Trevor took John into Kyrenia to buy a white shirt and Josie a lovely new dress. Oh, and I nearly forgot, the rings! Talk about forward planning!!

Wednesday May 28th, just five days after Trevor making contact with me, we are heading off for the Mr And Mrs Murden 1border for the Court House in south Nicosia. Josie with her wedding bouquet from Kamelya florists in hand!  We purchased the required stamps, John & Josie took their oaths to state that they were single and free to marry and papers are handed over. Everybody is very happy. Next stop the Town Hall.

The legal paperwork was then completed. The Mayor of south Nicosia arrived an hour later, put on his robes of office and the ceremony took place with Trevor & myself acting as witnesses. Cliff Richard’s song Congratulations is played and the Happy couple kiss.

We were back in Karşiyaka by early afternoon, mission accomplished! En=route back we had a quick stop for a wedding breakfast at McDonalds!!!!

On Friday June 6th John & Josie invited a few friends around to the Citrus Gardens to join them for a Wedding Blessing conducted by Keith Lloyd. I made a cake and a few snacks and sandwiches. It was such a lovely occasion.

I started this article by stating that John & Josie broke a few records.

They include:

  1. This is the fastest that I have ever organised a wedding. Within a week of being contacted.
  2. The Happy Couple were of the most senior years of any couple, both are in their 70s, but I will be discreet as to their exact ages.
  3. They have been together for over 30 years, by far the longest courtship.
  4. Just four people attended the ceremony, the Bride & Groom with Trevor & myself as Witnesses!

I wish John & Josie my very best wishes for their future happiness, they were a wonderful couple to work with and they are an example to us all of how wonderful LOVE IS!’

For those that that would like to learn more of arranging weddings in Northern Cyprus contact me, Carol Blackwell-Gibbs Tel: 0533 864 4115 or go to my webpage click here

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