Cyprus problem – TV interview with Dr Heinze about Cypriot history and current topics

TV interview with Dr Heinze about

Cypriot history and current topics

by Ralph Kratzer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week I had the honor to be invited to an interview, held by a TRNC TV-channel, with the constitutional specialist and decades-long connoisseur of Cypriot history, Dr Christian Heinze from Munich in Germany.

The invitation came about through the TFR-member, journalist and author, Heidi Blankenstein. (To remember an interview with her and her husband, a former German ambassador, click here!)

Dr. Christian Heinze is an administrative and constitutional lawyer. He was active in the German Ministry of Economic Affairs for the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) in Paris.

As the assistant to the late president of the Constitutional Court of the “Republic of Cyprus” in Nicosia in 1962, Prof. Forsthoff, he experienced the first Greek EOKA pogroms against Turkish Cypriots. The Constitutional Court was overridden by a coup in 1963 by the leadership of the Greek Cypriots. President of the “Republic of Cyprus” in those days was Archbishop Makarios.

Heinze left the island in the same year. (Please click the underlined links above to learn more about Prof. Forsthoff, the EOKA and Archbishop Makarios)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeinze works in Munich as a lawyer and writer. He still visits North Cyprus for some weeks every year.

Below you will find the original manuscript of the interview between theTV-presenter Mrs. Gözek and Dr Heinze.

For much more interesting informations, view Dr Heinze´s website about the Cypriot history and the current Cyprus conflict – please click here!

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