July 1, 2022

The Show goes on at Sunset Beach Club

By Ralph Kratzer

SmileyWhen I arrived on the island almost 10 years ago, to live here, the Sunset Beach Club in Lapta was one of the first locations by the sea which I visited.

I then had a small motor boat and looked intensly for a affordable and nearby place where I could lodge it and also launch it on water, so not to have constantly to drive around with a trailer. Through the tip of a friend I got aware of the club, became lifetime member, and for the boat it was a perfect place.

3 years later I sold the boat, because I just used it too rarely, but still remained loyal to the Sunset Club. To date it’s my favorite place in summer to swim some intense laps in the sea, then have a drink, sometimes eat a small snack, or just relax on a sunbed.

Many times I was with my girlfriend at one of the nightly live music events at Sunset Club, where talented artists paid tribute to big stars. I still remember eg the Soul Man, the Blues Brothers, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie and many more…

A few years ago Ün Bitlis, the owner of Sunset Beach Club, also took over the well-known Stumble Inn in Lapta in order to offer his guests live music evenings during the winter season as well. These events have now become an integral part of the schedule for many foreign residents in the area, but also more and more tourists became aware of it. So the evenings in the Stumble Inn are usually very well attended.

Rod Stewart
the real Rod Stewart

I did not want to miss a gig of “Rod Stewart” last weekend, whom I could already admire “in nature“ in Germany, and made my way to Lapta together with my girlfriend.

We were at the pub an hour before the show, to have a bite to eat and a good seat for the night. In fact, also this time the Stumble Inn was filled with guests very quickly.

The artist did his best, and if one’s eyes were closed, he could have indeed been the real “Roddy“.

Music lovers on site came into a good mood, it was a lot of laughter, chats, dancing and sing along.

Around midnight we made our way home, but the party at Stumble Inn was not over yet.

For sure we will attend some more of these live events this summer, which will be held alternately in the Stumble Inn or at the Sunset Beach Club.

More information : website = http://www.sunsetclubcyprus.com

email = info@sunsetclubcyprus.com

phone = +90 392 821 81 46 or +90 533 865 49 59 or +90 533 830 02 77

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