April 2, 2023

CESV tell you how to save your pet’s life

By Chris Elliott

CESV the Civil Emergency Service Volunteers are well known here in North Cyprus for their voluntary work in teaching first aid to individuals as well as the TRNC Emergency Services and other organisations and  it came as a very pleasant surprise when we received news from CESV logoClair Lamb their publicity officer who wanted to share news she had received of how you can save your pet in an emergency situation,

The video and poster shown in this article describe in great detail how to administer CPR came from petdoof.com and the excellent video from petsamerica.org and tells you what you can do to hopefully save a pet’s life when you are on your own and no other help is available.

Should you administer CPR to an animal make sure you take it to a vet as soon as possible for a full health check up.

For more information of the work of CESV please click here



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