January 30, 2023

Jumping for Charity in North Cyprus

By Margaret Sheard

I have great admiration for people who jump off the St Hilarion peak and especially when they do this for the benefit of others.

Photo courtesy of Highline Paragliding

On Monday 2nd June, three brave people will take part in a tandem paraglide to raise money for various charities and these are Heather Dilley for Tulips, together with Roy Ashton for NCCCT and Marion Youdon for KAR.

The paraglide will take off from St Hilarion at about 12 noon and they should be landing between 12.45 and 1pm. The landing site is at the rear of Bell Foods off the Karaoğlanoğlu road.

It would be so nice for these fundraisers if as many people as possible were there to greet them on their descent and perhaps boost their sponsorship even more.

4 thoughts on “North Cyprus – Paragliding for charity

  1. Due to high winds the jump had to be postponed and is now scheduled for Wednesday 4th June. As I understand it one of the ladies is a Cancer sufferer & another suffers from Vertigo so it is taking a lot of courage for them to do this so well worth us supporting them.

  2. Sadly the weather has got the better of us yet again. The Tandem Paragliding charity event has been postponed until Saturday 7th June.
    One of the ladies suffers from Vertigo so is at the moment a nervous wreck, it must be so very hard for them all I think they really do deserve us all pulling together to support them after showing so much courage.

    1. Lets hope many people go along to support them in their brave quest and perhaps we should republish our article with new date and time to catch peoples attention across the social media where our posts are shared.

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