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TRNC News Today – 15th May 2014

Ertuğ: “Decision of ECHR will affect negotiation process”

Presidential Diplomatic Affairs Advisor and Spokesman – Osman Ertuğ said that the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Osman Ertugwhich ordered Turkey to pay 90 million euros compensation to the Greek Cypriot Administration will affect the negotiation process in Cyprus.

According to the information gained by TRNC Presidency, Ertuğ made a statement on a TV programme regarding the agenda.  Expressing that the decision of ECHR is unfortunate, Ertuğ said that it is not only a decision which includes challenges but it is also deprived of legal basis and contradicting with principles of justice.

Moreover, Ertuğ said that the issue of property will be negotiated under the shadow of the last decision of the European Court of Human Rights.

President Eroğlu: “Greek Cypriot side extends negotiation process”

President Derviş Eroğlu stated that Greek Cypriots do not feel themselves obliged to make an agreement and Dervis Eroglu 9they extend the negotiation process in Cyprus.

Stating that extending the negotiation period would create anti-solution attitudes in both sides, President Eroğlu said that they aim to finalize the negotiations and hold a referendum within a year but it seems difficult.

Moreover, Eroğlu added that the Turkish Cypriot side voted ‘Yes’  for the Annan plan but the EU did not keep the promises made to the Turkish Cypriots.

Özersay met with Koenig

Turkish Cypriot negotiator – Kudret Özersay met with the US Kudret Özersay 3Ambassador to Nicosia – John Koenig yesterday (14th May).

Koenig and Özersay evaluated US Vice President Joe Biden’s Cyprus visit which will be held between 21-23 May.

In his statement to TAK Correspondent, Özersay said “During the meeting, we evaluated the latest state of the negotiations, difficulties and how Joe Biden’s visit can contribute to the negotiation process”.

International Career Opportunities Forum and Cyprus Turkish Products Exhibition starts today (15th May)

International Career Opportunities Forum and Cyprus Turkish Products Exhibition is going to start today (15th May).  The Exhibition will be held  by the Eastern Mediterranean University and Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry today (15th May) and on Friday (16th May).

According to the statement, the main themes of the exhibition are internationalisation, entrepreneurship and innovation, having great success with minor works and sustainable career life. Moreover, it was stated that over one hundred local and international firms will attend the exhibition.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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