April 2, 2023


Dinner for Two at Jashan’s

By Margaret Sheard

After a very busy week, on Friday evening Chris and I decJashan's 2ided to have a treat and go out for a meal.   Where shall we go we thought ?  Where nicer than one of our favourite places – Jashan’s Restaurant in Karaoğlanoğlu.

We were greeted by the always smiling Riaz who makes you feel so welcome and sat down to look at the menu, which has a very good selection of Indian and European cuisine, and made our choice of Poppadoms, Starters and Main CourJashan's 1se.

Riaz and his staff dress in traditional style which adds to the authentic atmosphere and makes dining at Jashan’s a special treat.    The meal was excellent, as always, and by the time we had finished we were both well and truly full, I for sure could not have eaten another morsel.

I had checked beforehand that Friday evening was not an entertainment night as this would have meant Jashan’s would have been packed but Saturday night is the night for entertainment when AndrJashan's 3ew Sings….. appears.   This is Andrew and Glen who have become very popular around the island since they arrived here towards the end of 2013, and they do a regular gig at Jashan’s every Saturday evening, so we will return soon on a Saturday to enjoy the night as we have really enjoyed their music on previous occasions.

Thank you Riaz for a lovely evening and a super meal.

To read more about Riaz and his restaurants see my previous article by clicking here.

Riaz and Abdul

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