North Cyprus – Trevor’s Tips – May 2014

Trevor’s Tips – May 2014

By Trevor Hughes

Temporary Residence

The cost of renewing a Temporary Residence Permit is now 250TL per annum, plus 12TL stamps.

The hours of opening for processing your permit are 0800 – 1600 hrs Monday to Friday. On Thursday each week, the office is closed for lunch from 12.30 through to 1400 hrs

Permanent Residence

The Government is giving further thought into the possibility of re-introducing Permanent Residence. The criteria may well be, five [5] Temporary Residence stamps [uninterrupted] aBritish passportnd the application to be made in the following year. The “white card” holders will benefit from the same facilities as a Citizen, but not able to vote in elections here. State Hospital facilities will also be available to card holders at no cost to the holder. Those who have chosen not to renew their Temporary Residence may well have to start the procedure all over again when applying for Permanent Residence. The White card facility does not apply to Work Permit holders at the moment and more thought is going into what can be made available to these people.

A further requirement being considered for Permanent Residence is that you will not be permitted to leave the TRNC for more than 200 days over a five [5] year period, as more time out of the Country will mean the Permanent Residence facility being withdrawn.

No time for the introduction of Permanent Residence has been set because it is only at the discussion stage at the moment and you know what the TRNC is like!!

If you would like to know more of this development, please click here to see the video and hear the address made by TRNC Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami at the invitation of Making North Cyprus Better MNCB to the members of the British Residents Society.

Bayram Holiday

There is a public holiday on the 19th of May when Government/local Government and Bank offices will be closed for the day.

Motor Insurance

The changes in calculating motor insurance premiums are starting to settle Car Insurancedown now. Some people have seen their premiums increase, but some drivers have seen their premiums decrease., Calculations are now based on engine size, age of the driver, value of the vehicle and whether people want any driver or not. Insurance companies cannot quote lower than the set criteria as this is not permitted. Beware of companies offering discounts on motor insurance as their prices may be inflated to start with, which will then allow them to give a discount.

Water Softener and Lime scale Reducer

A short while ago we had a small lime scale reducer and water softener device Waterfitted to our mains water supply. Since it was installed, the water is much softer, the kettle does not fur up, shower heads remain in full working order and we have saved up to 50% on our washing powder purchases.

The device is something you may wish to have fitted in your home and benefit from softer water. The device is only £250.00 supplied and fitted.

It could save you loads of money, as the life expectancy of your washing machine alone will be greatly increased. For more information contact Paul on 0533 842 5393.

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