February 7, 2023

TRNC News Today – 22nd April


Talat: “Unfortunately there is a lot of negativity at the newly started negotiation process”

2nd President Mehmet Ali Talat has said: “Unfortunately there is a lot of negativity at the newly started negotiation process.”Mehmet Ali Talat 3 In other words the fact that the Greek Cypriots don’t have much to gain from a solution due to their EU and UN memberships causes difficulties for us.

”Stressing that the TRNC is still isolated from the world, Talat said that there was a hope in 2004 and a federal structure based on equality of both sides was proposed. However the Greek Cypriots did not accept such an agreement due to the ease of being an EU member. Thus the international law excluded us again. We are facing injustice although we are right.  This shows that the international law is not always on the side of the right. I wish it was.”

President Derviş Eroğlu met UN Secretary General

President Derviş Eroğlu, who met UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon before the stage of substantial negotiations which will start on 6th May, said that Ban has made a decisive personal Dervis Eroglu Imagecommitment to the negotiation process in Cyprus.

Answering the questions of press after the meeting President Eroğlu said: “We have shared our views and proposals with the Secretary General. We have been pleased to observe that the Secretary General also leans towards the idea of structuring negotiations step by step in order to reach a conclusion at the end of the process.”

Pointing out that the UN Secretary General keeps the Cyprus issue at the top of his agenda, Eroğlu said that Ban follows the process very closely and he added: “Ban has thoughts encouraging both sides. It has been indicated that Ban’s encouraging thoughts are about “the procedure and the comprehensive negotiations.”

Foreign Minister Nami received Aktay

The Minister of Foreign Affairs – Özdil Nami received Justice and Development Party’s Deputy General President Responsible for Foreign Relations – Yasin Aktay yesterday. Pointing out the importance of making consultations regarding the issues on the agenda, Aktay said that utilizing the new opportunities in Cyprus is an historical responsibility.

Expressing that since the beginning, there isn’t Ozdil Nami image 3any change in Turkey’s attitude, Aktay said that a new will has been put forward towards a solution in Cyprus by the AK Party leadership and this does not mean that Turkey and Turkish Cypriots give up their rights. Results of the referendum held for the Annan plan proved that Turkish Cypriots are right and their acquis is essential. Turkey always supported a solution by taking initiatives and never considered that Turkish Cypriots can give up their interests.

Moreover, Aktay pointed out that the new negotiation process should be speeded up.

FM Nami also said that leaders have resumed negotiations to reach a result on the basis of the leaders’ joint statement but the tempo of negotiations is not as desired.

Pointing out that the negotiation process should be speeded up to reach a result in the desired time and not to be exposed to various risks in time, FM Nami said: “Up to today, the Greek Cypriot side has not given a positive reply to the demands of the Turkish Cypriot side to meet more often. We also see that convergences reached up to today are not being used in an effective way at the negotiation table”.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office







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