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By Chris Elliott

We are writing and publishing more and more articles that have involved a lot of research and serves a purpose of recording very important information about Cyprus so we have created a Portfolio into which we have placed project pages which contain a number of similar article threads Portfolioand links so our readers can find all of the information that is of interest to them with ease.

On our menu bar we now have placed a Portfolio Tab for our readers to select and then they can select a number of dedicated project pages which will list much read articles.

From our worldwide readership we are receiving many enquiries for help in sourcing material or tracing people and this then leads to more articles about those people who have an association with Cyprus.

In our Portfolio we have just launched a number of project pages including:

  • British Armed Forces in Cyprus
  • Cyprus Childhood Memories
  • Cyprus Photography
  • Cyprus Strife
  • Cyprus Village Life
  • Newmans Farm
  • North Cyprus Walks

More pages are planned and these project pages will be updated with more article links when they are published.

For those readers who also want to trace friends from the past or share information about Cyprus please leave a comment on the article you read and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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  1. Great idea Chris Elliot and Cyprus Scene. Always at the for front of ideas and bringing whatever you can to the readers voluntarily. Congratulations and Thanks for your hard work.

    • Thank you Sermen, it’s a new feature from WordPress and it makes so much difference as we can now place links to key articles in individual folders for quick access by our readers. We have also added Portfolio widget tabs on the side and bottom menu bars as well as the top menu so readers can click and go directly to the Portfolio page which is on this link

      You may have seen we placed your two articles in a dedicated folder and we hope you may guys in OZ may like to tell the folk here in North Cyprus how life is treating you from time to time.

  2. I agree with Sermen. Its a great idea. We shall try our best to maintain the high level of professionalism and integrity as part of our responsibility to write articles in an honest, investigative and in a style that appeals to readers

    • Thank you both for your comments and ongoing support. For the writers of it is very important that our key articles are showcased and made available in themed collections and this is why our Portfolio has been created to ensure our readers can read with ease the various themed articles of their choice which have been written by a number of our writers and contributors.

      We are in the process of adding more project pages to our Portfolio and we will continue to add article links to all of these project pages as they are published.