North Cyprus – Near East University – Deep Purple Concert – 24th May 2014

Oldies but Goodies

Deep Purple come to North Cyprus

by Ralph Kratzer

Near East UniversityThe small State of Northern Cyprus which is to date worldwide only recognised by Turkey is very proud of its plenty of first class International Universities with thousands and thousands of students from many different countries and nationalities.

The well-known Near East University on the outskirts of our  capital Lefkoşa / Nicosia celebrates its 25th founding anniversary with an event of “the special class”.

Deep Purple_3The Park Near East in the neighborhood of the campus of the university will be the venue for a free concert of the legendary rock band Deep Purple on  24th May 2014 starting at 8pm.

Here are excerpts from a speech by Assist. Prof. Dr. İrfan S. Günsel of Near East University to the press:

The slogan of our Founding Rector Suat Günsel was “Living continental on an island” at the very first time of establishment of Near East University. Today, this target has long been reached and the Near East University has gained an international and multidimensional identity, and values of our country and our people now are taken to continents. As a self property of Turkish Cypriot People and becoming fully aware of this very ultimate responsibility, the Near East University opened its doors to students coming from over 100 countries throughout the world, created a unique mosaic of cultures, hosted some of the largest scientific organizations of the world with participation of thousands of scientists and academicians, and furthermore, contributed to and cooperated in the largest scientific experiments and projects of the world, and adopted the responsibility of pronouncing the achievements of Turkish Cypriot People to rest of the world……

Deep Purple_2We dreamed a concert that will embrace all the island, entertain everyone together, and one that will give ultimate pleasure to people from every age and every nation. We set forth for a musical event that will be remembered for ages and we set forth for a special journey that will overcome all the barriers and the borders. Let’s bear in mind, Deep Purple is a common passion for the last couple of generations, and a common value. And, at this point, we would like to bring in a historical event that will be remembered for generations, a historical day that will be an unforgetable event in history of our island. As to emphasize this, we say “get your sleeping bag and come along”……

The concert is an absolute must for all young and young at heart residents of our wonderful island!

To learn more about this brilliant event and to get registered for the concert – please click this link!

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  1. Dear Ralph, Deep Purple.

    I have downloaded the details but the site you click on for registration is missing the beginning of each word and this also applies to information you need to give.Help. Margot.