January 30, 2023

Penalties for corruption in North Cyprus

BriberyThe parliament in Northern Cyprus has unanimously voted to have sub-committees urgently discuss draft amendments to the penal law to include deterrent penalties for crimes such as misconduct, bribery and favouritism.

 According to the news report in Kıbrıs newspaper, the amendments proposed by CTP/BG deputy Tufan Erhürman, aims at analytically regulating misconduct, negligence and crimes that may be listed under corruption, and to prevent distrust in public administration by introducing deterrent penalties for such crimes.

Source: lemonCY.eu

6 thoughts on “Penalties for corruption in North Cyprus

  1. I have been trying to write something that will not upset somebody on this topic but it is near impossible.
    Corruption is found in every walk of life throughout most of the world. In Europe it is acknowledged that those in the west have a lesser rate than around the Mediterranean countries where, if the press is to believed fraud from the EU funds is massive. Unfortunately on Cyprus corruption almost appears part of the way of life for some.

    I wish the committees good luck but I fear they will be under a lot of pressure from all sides not to upset the “apple cart”!

  2. 40 years late on this topic, over the last 35 years, cash being sent from Ankara by plane to the value of 800,000,000TL before the flight even landed at Ercan 50% of the cash use to vanish by the political parties taking their share and the rest to pay for the wages of vast amount of unnecessary civil servants given employment in Government by the parties in exchange for votes. Just look at the vast number of staff that worked in the old KTHY (CTA) over 1300 jobs for which only 350-400 needed, the same applies to municipalities. At least 18-19000 people that work in government offices shouldn’t even be their, and then they complain that their 3500-4000TL monthly salaries are not enough to get through the month.

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