September 26, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

Short Notification regarding

the Burial of Brian Self

by Ralph Kratzer

The last paragraph in my article of January 19th about the funeral of the former long-time Chairman and Honorary Member of the TFR, Brian Self, was:

Children in Need Logo“The relatives, sons and daughter of the deceased, and also his partner Leonie had previously asked the mourners to refrain from flowers at the grave and to donate instead to a charitable purpose.  So there was in the end a considerable sum collected for the “Children in Need” Foundation.”

Now this short message from Brian´s partner Leonie Brittain reached us:

I wrote to Cyprus Today [newspaper] with this information but they didn’t publish it. Perhaps you could put this on your website, that the money donated to Children in Need at Brian’s funeral totalled 1,030 TL.  I attach a copy of the receipt. Some of this will go towards feeding starving children here with the setting up of a food bank.

With very best wishes


Children in Need receipt

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