By Chris Elliott……

A month or so ago, out of curiosity, I called by the Kwoon (training hall) and met with Chief instructor Şerif Mehmet and his wife Sarah and they kindly showed me the training hall and we had a very interesting discussion about martial arts and of course Kung Fu.

It was with great delight that I received a request from them to help promote the IWKA CYPRUS Wing Tjun Kung Fu. Martial arts school and although I have not studied this form of martial art you will find the same experiences and benefits are derived from all forms of martial art that you may wish to study.

It’s becoming a distant memory of those days I spent learning the art of Karate under a number of Sensei (teachers) in various locations in the UK and I have to say the training facilities I saw in Karakum would be regarded as second to none.

So what of martial arts, well if you take time to learn, you will develop a high level of fitness, self-discipline and develop a calm nature  and of course confidence to react instinctively if you are physically threatened. I should add that most practitioners of martial arts seem to radiate some form  of confidence that persuades most trouble to pass them by and if not………….

The other aspect of studying a martial art is the spirit of Esprit de Corps which you develop whilst training with other students no matter what their ages. As my old Sensei used to say, the first step is the longest mile so why not take your first step if you have it in you to achieve.

Editors note:

Since the publication of this article Chief Instructor, Şerif Mehmet has relocated his IWKA CYPRUS Wing Tjun Kung Fu. Martial arts school to Karaoglanoglu, Girne  and we are showing below their details:

Facebook:  iwkacyprus

Facebook: kungfukidsiwkacyprus