January 30, 2023

Mesaoria surrenders to strong hails

MesaoriaStrong rain and hails caused flooding in many villages in the Mesaoria plains in North Cyprus. Hails covered the gardens, roads and stream beds. Many houses were flooded, animals perished.

According to a news report in the Yenidüzen newspaper, heavy rainfall caused damages in the villages of Düzova, Yeşilırmak and others. Ulukışla was completely flooded. People were stranded in their houses due to hail heaps that reached up to four meters.

Havadis newspaper reported that the village cemetery in the village of Aydınköy was flooded when the streambed was overflowed. The storm knocked some telephone poles down. Floods in the village of Çukurova demolished the garden walls of many houses.

Cleansing and damage evaluation efforts are continuing.

Source: lemonCY.eu

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