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Northern Cyprus – British Residents’ Society – BRS – Round up for 2013

British Residents’ Society – BRS

A Round Up of 2013

By Chris Elliott

Living in a foreign land changes our viewpoints and needs and we tend to pull closer together as a community and look for the chance to meet people and make friends and also to seek out advice and help and so many people join one of a number of associations that can provide these opportunities.

We are therefore delighted to be able to replicate the “2013 Round Up” recently sent to the members of the British Residents’ Society (BRS) and hope this will help our readers and encourage some to join the BRS .

BRS banner

BRS is the main port of call for expatriates seeking information on life in the TRNC. A lot has changed in the past year. Here is a round-up of main actions in 2013.

The Discount List

Has been extended to give more savings to members who show a paid up membership card. New design shop window stickers will be appearing from the New Year. There are more hospitals and businesses now offering valuable discounts to paid up members. Click here for the new Discount List.

Creditwest Sponsorship

Creditwest have become BRS’s major Sponsor and offer valuable benefits including 30% insurance discounts to members who bank with them. Click for details.

BRS Blood Donor Days

Together with our telephone support link continue to be one of the leading suppliers of blood. BRS fundraising contributes to key medical equipment for local hospitals. For a list of planned Blood Donor days click on this link.

Residency Medical Tests

The medical testing requirements have been dropped for the over 60’s and procedures streamlined for others. Click here for details.

Over 60’s Members

Who live in the TRNC are encouraged to continue taking out annual Residency using the simplified process. Click here (members only) for details. (Those over 60’s who do not renew their Residency are rarely fined for exceeding their visa date, but our experience is that complications can arise with other issues).

Legal & Government Relations

With the help of others BRS are making continuous efforts to have government & legal processes made fairer & clearer. This is a painstaking process, our efforts in this area are “inch by inch” helping to obtain a more secure and better lifestyle for members. Click here for the latest property initiative.

Social Events

Over the year our events have been varied, enjoyable and well attended, Click here for 2014 provisional events calendar.

BRS Committee & Local Contacts

For an up to date list of your BRS contacts, Click here and click here

Our Website & Facebook Page

The BRS website click here  has become simpler to use. We encourage you to use it to keep up to date with BRS news, events and changes. We also have a Facebook page click here

Membership Renewal

Subscriptions for 2014 are now due and can be paid at several locations, Click link for details

Feedback from Members.

We are encouraging all members to give us direct feedback on any activity. This helps us help you and keep our website information up to date for members’ benefit. If you have any feedback please email us at