June 8, 2023

Cyprus peace process stalled 

By Chris Elliott

We have been reading many news feeds over the past weeks and months telling us that fresh talks will be held to settle the Cyprus issue. Since then there has been a flurry of proposed dates for the meeting which just have not materialized.

Why can the meeting not be held. Well the Cyprus administration The Negotiations Cannot Resume imagehave been very adept at finding reasons why a meeting could not be held and now seemed to have changed direction by placing preconditions for this meeting.

So now the news has been issed by the TRNC that the talks cannot take place whilst the Republic of Cyprus insist on an agreement for a Federal State of Cyprus being created and for Varosa to be returned before negotiations proceed.

One has to wonder whether the Republic of Cyprus is really wanting to take part in peace talks as if they cannot regain control of the whole island or properties what else do they want?

Being a member of and in debt to the European Union has presented them with an ongoing trump card to use to disadvantage the Turkish Cypriots, so what do they need or want/ Perhaps our readers may have their own views  on this ongoing unbalanced saga.

Do read more of this issue from the Famagusta Gazette on the link below:

Cyprus peace process stalled by joint statement and Famagusta.

Do also read what the TRNC Special Representative of President Derviş Eroğlu and Presidential Spokesman Osman Ertuğ had to say on this issue by  clicking here

3 thoughts on “Cyprus peace process stalled

  1. Just be careful we in Scotland may send out Alex Salmond to start a referendum.
    Then both sides would leave!!
    My Scots roots go back to 1752 , and I still live in Scotland, and most Scot’s do not want independence.
    North Cyprus should stop trying, and get on with there wonderful life without the south they will only drag you down.
    You have more to offer.Than them, and you are so much nicer people.

    1. Thank you for your comment Flora, yes they are tring to hold the North down all the time. Do call by one day and meet our local community and they are as nice as you say.

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