April 2, 2023

40th (Ruby) Wedding Anniversary

for Jenny and Bill Brown


By Margaret Sheard

We have received news from Carole King and Sue Tilt of a special anniversary party where instead of gifts the guests were asked to make a donation to Tulips.

Jenny and Bill Brown
Jenny and Bill Brown

The occasion was the 40th (Ruby) Wedding Anniversary of Jenny and Bill Brown and a party was held on 19th October at the O’live Bar in Alsancak where around 30 family members and close friends helped them to celebrate.

Jenny and Bill have lived in Alsancak for the past year, previously having lived and worked in South Africa for 20 years and Abu Dhabi for 6 years.

Jenny herself is a cancer survivor and was told that her cancer was caused by playing golf in the sun for the past 30 years.  Jenny is happy for everyone to know that every weekend she would play golf and before doing so she would apply a sun block to her lips however as the day wore on the sun blockBeautiful cake would wear off and was never reapplied, 2 or 3 days later she would get what she thought was a cold sore appear on her lips, unfortunately this turned out to be Carcinoma.  Living in similar sunny conditions for most of the year Jenny is keen to make others aware how unexpectedly cancer can come about.

Tulips would like to express their sincere thanks to Jenny and Bill and their friends for raising the fantastic sum of 1,050TL.

This is a lovely gesture by Jenny and Bill and we are pleased to pass on the warning that Jenny has given about the danger of too much sun.


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