March 27, 2023

The Cyprus issue can no longer remain


By Chris Elliott

The weeks are passing by and we are bombarded with news feeds talking about the proposed talks between the Cyprus Republic and The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus representatives to start serious discussions to try and resolve the nearly 40-year-old dispute that divided the island in July 1974, although the troubles go back to 1964 and even before that.

Living in the delightful country and community that is North Cyprus, most Cyprus Will They NOV 2013ex-patriats feel a deep sense of shame and anger that following the referendum of the UN inspired Annan Plan the Republic of Cyprus rejected it but the TRNC accepted it. The shameful history tells us that as a reward for their rejection, the Republic of Cyprus was granted membership of the EU but the TRNC was not.

Since then we have seen the Republic of Cyprus trying to integrate itself with many countries and take advantage of the situation to enhance its position and at the same time try to bring influence to bear that would disadvantage the TRNC future with world embargoes continuing.

Will common sense now prevail and will we see a different approach that puts past politics, history and mythology aside to finally see the truth so this island become one again or two separate Republics living and trading in harmony side by side.

Is this a wish for a pipedream, seemingly not, as both the Cyprus and Turkish Cypriots’ Chambers of Commerce have jointly called for the Cyprus issue to be finally resolved. For more information please follow the link below.

Cyprus issue can no longer remain unresolved, say Chambers of Commerce.

5 thoughts on “The Cyprus issue can no longer remain unresolved,

  1. It will never be resolved until there is a revolution in Ankara. The Muslim Brotherhood government in Ankara will never withdraw the 40,000 troops in northern Cyprus without a coup. The Turkish Cypriots have no say in the matter, they are jut the puppets for the regime in Ankara.

    1. Thank you Mr Cominos for your extreme and odd views and we can only conclude from this, that cyprusscene is reaching far more people with the truth and history of Cyprus which is why we are now receiving many comments of support plus the odd comment such as yours.

      When you feel you are able to present a more rational and helpful comment that will help bring the peoples of Cyprus together and help rebuild harmony and a strong future, do please submit it.

      1. Nearly three years latter Dear Kyreniacommentator, the situation has got worst. Erdogon is certainly suffering from a mental instability and is doing more to entrench his position as dictator absolute. Now more than ever he will do everything in his power to ensure that his 40,000 troops and 200,000 illegal Anatolian settlers remain in Northern Cyprus forever. Erdogon’s will continue to control Northern Cyprus through the local puppet regime that he has in place and the funding that the regime in Ankara is providing. I will say it again, The Turkish Cypriots have no say in the matter, they are jut the puppets for the regime in Ankara. As each year passes the Anatolian Turks outnumber the few remaining Turkish Cypriots. The Turkish Cypriots have only themselves to blame.

      2. So Victor Cominos you have returned with the same tale of woe of the Greek Cypriot cause you have written here many times before before but you seem to be blind to their efforts to disrupt peace negotiations.

        One thing is for sure, the RoC would make far better goal keepers than negotiators as they are constantly moving the goal posts all of the time.

        Consider if you dare the following which is just the tip of the RoC disruption Iceberg click here and click here

        Özgürgün: “I am following the negotiations with concern”

        Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün has expressed serious concerns about the Cyprus negotiations, saying that the negotiation process is still dictated by the demands of the Greek Cypriot side.

        “Neofitu says the Greek Cypriot side will not accept any agreement that does not include the return of Güzelyurt or that includes Turkish guarantees”

        “The Turkish Foreign Ministry expects Greece to stop putting forward preconditions that interrupt the negotiation process.”

  2. Victor Cominos; Your obtuse perspective implies that you are either extremely biased and/or somewhat ignorant of the situation.
    “The Turkish Cypriots have only themselves to blame”. Please explain this absurdity.
    GCs started their intransigent ideology of ENOSIS since at least 1823, with the independence of Greece, that was engineered by Europe with the aim of destroying the Ottoman Empire. Up & till then This region had witnessed 300 years of peace & stability – The longest period of peace on this side of the world…
    It’s indisputable that the conflicts here were started by GCs, whose intention for ENOSIS were bolstered when the island was annexed by the British….
    Then Turkey intervened to prevent a genocide – As was their right LEGALLY. They are well within their rights to have a presence here.
    Allowing RoC to enter the EU, without TRNC, is another obscene act that has a nefarious agenda. This alone enables RoC to make unreasonable demands, which we cannot accept.
    Without financial support from Turkey the people here would be destroyed, due to the inhumane embargoes., And so Turkey does have influence here, which grows stronger with each of the failings for ‘the solution’, But we’re not puppets.
    Majority of TCs do not like this but are not in a position to alter it.
    Sure… It’s all our fault.

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