March 27, 2023

What the Hell are they moaning about?

by Ralph Kratzer

On the website we found the following article:


13 August 2013 18:37

South Cyprus beachNICOSIA – Visits by German tourists to Cyprus significantly decreased this summer with the outlook appearing gloomy for the rest of the year.

According to statistics issued by Germany’s leading tourism company REWE, the number of tourists visiting Cyprus over the summer months dropped by 33% compared to last year.

The data is especially disconcerting as REWE this year recorded an overall 5% increase in German tourists travelling abroad.

Other destinations that have experienced a drop in German tourism include Egypt (19%) and Bulgaria (18%).

Speaking to The Cyprus Daily, Chairman of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) Alekos Orountiotis described the drop in German tourists as “a serious concern” and confirmed that efforts are underway to reverse the negative figures.

“Cyprus has certainly been affected by the negative international press following the Eurogroup bailout measures in March but we believe the lack of direct flights to the island from Germany are also significantly adding to the problem.”

Orountiotis added that the CTO had held several meetings on the matter.

“At present many Germans face difficulties in travelling to Cyprus direct and this is something we hope will change soon.”

“Increasing the number of flights and adding routes is not a simple matter but we are certain it will help to increase the number of tourists from Germany.”

Meanwhile, Cyprus’ airports are expected to facilitate more than 2,500 flights and some 400,000 passengers over the next two weeks.

According to Hermes Airports spokesman Adamos Aspris, by August 25 more than 1,800 flights are expected to leave Larnaca airport, carrying some 280,000 passengers.

In turn, Paphos airport is expected to facilitate 700 flights with round 120,000 passengers.

But Aspris revealed that the number of passengers travelling in 2013 has declined by 5.9% compared to last.

My comment on this topic is as following:

1-Porträt-Ralph smlWhat the hell is Mr. Orountiotis moaning about? No direct flights from Germany to the “Republic of Cyprus”, over here better known as South Cyprus? LOL – laughing out loud! Of course there are plenty of direct flights from German airports to Larnaca and Paphos! Or was I dreaming when I travelled from Munich Airport to South Cyprus directly in the past? But maybe there are not enough of them from Orountiotis´ point of view!

The only ones who could complain about a “lack of direct flights to the island” is definitely North Cyprus, because there are NONE!

Despite various promises given to the TRNC by the United Nations and the European Community in the past, there are still the economic embargoes existing and NO direct flights to the Northern part of the island!

So, South Cyprus is not suffering from a lack of direct flights from Germany, but there must be other reasons for the decline of German tourists. The EU bailout? Too close to the Syrian civil war? Flights too expensive? Hotels too expensive? No good service on site? Not enough hospitality? I don´t know! But what I know is: Please, no ridiculous excuses! 

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