Kings Leisure Centre – TRNC Premier 10 Pin Bowling Summer League 2013

TRNC Premier 10 Pin Bowling Summer

League 2013

By Margaret Sheard

We received some great news from Sally & Steve Smith last week but due to being away on holiday there has been a delay in publishing this and we apologise to those readers who may have been looking ten-pin bowlingout for the information. We are now pleased to share this information, with some great pictures for you to see.

10 Pin Bowling is a great relaxing pastime and we attend a TFR 10 pin bowling tournament once a month where the members, of many different nationalities, try their skills at bowling to represent their country. Our tournament is mainly a fun event but the challenge is still there and we can appreciate the competitiveness within the TRNC Premier 10 Pin Bowling League.

The Winter Season began on Monday and Tuesday and will run until April 2014, we have 12 teams in both the Doubles and the Fours currently playing so are full for now but we are always looking for extra players who can be substitutes to cover vacations etc, please contact us on either 0533 842 5389 or 0533865 8065 or via email – smiffiesdubai@gmail.com.

Kings Leisure Centre

Kings Leisure Centre

There were a lot of compliments from the bowlers on the presentation, the venue and the excellent food that was laid on by Hasan Kutluer, General Manager and his team at Kings Pin Bowling Centre, as always they did us proud.

A total of 22 trophies were handed out and also 27 Certificates for various achievements such as scoring more than 250 and 200 in 1 game, Improved Players from last Summer Season and also for the Most Supportive Teams along with the obligatory Wooden Spoon.

We would like to thank Hasan and the Kings Bowling Centre very much as they have agreed to sponsor us for the Winter League 2013-2014 for both the Monday Doubles and the Tuesday Fours.

Kind regards – Sally & Steve Smith – Co-organisers

Please see below the Summer League results and a slideshow of the awards.

TRNC Premier 10 Pin Bowling Summer League 2013

Monday Doubles

Most Supportive Team – (bottom) – The Dragons – Anne & David Workman

2nd Place – British Gas – Sally Smith & Gary Brunt

1st Place – M & B – Brian Cudd & Mickey Brookes

Female Highest Scratch Score – Julie Harrison

Male Highest Scratch Score – Brian Cudd

Tuesday Fours

Most Supportive Team – (bottom) – The Turkeys – Bill & Susan Hodson & Pauline & Jon Witherington

3rd Place – The Scorpions – Alma & Roy Johnson, John Loach & Gary Rawlinson

2nd Place – The TOGS – Steve Smith, Tony Hartwell, Gary Brunt & Mickey Brookes

1st Place – The Pheasant Pluckers – David Ringe, Brian Cudd, Kim Tyler & Simon Harrison

Female Highest Scratch Score – Runner Up – Sally Smith

Female Highest Scratch Score – Julie Harrison

Male Highest Scratch Score – Runner Up – Kim Tyler

Male Highest Scratch Score – Brian Cudd

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