June 26, 2022

Summer Grilling 2013:

Beer Can Chicken

by Ralph Kratzer

This funny and tasty recipe of a whole chicken, grilled sitting on a open beer can, I found recently on the well-known blog Simply recipes. The idea is as simple as it is unusual.

You will need a grill with a lid for this recipe, either charcoal or gas.

Here a tip from the author of this unusual recipe, Elise Bauer:

Beer-can-chicken_2“You can also roast a chicken this way in the oven. Just place it as directed on an open half-filled can of beer, sitting up, in a roasting pan on the lower rack of your oven. Roast at 180°C until done (about an hour fifteen minutes to an hour and a half for a 4 lb chicken). For an alcohol-free version of this recipe you can also use an open can of baked beans (remove the label) instead of the beer. The chicken juices will run into and flavor the baked beans, which you can then use as a side dish for the chicken.”

To see the original recipe and others please click on this link: Simply Recipes

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