February 5, 2023

Greek Cyprus punished for

blackmailing Europe

By Chris Elliott

October and the intended settlement talks are fast approaching and what chance is there of a just and fair settlement between the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots?  Watching the news over the past months we see North Cyprus and Turkey talking of wanting to make a settlement and South Cyprus continues to make self-centered demands as they try to rally foreign powers to support them in their quest to regain control of the whole island of Cyprus.

Makarios III
Makarios III

The world has been led to believe by the Greek Cypriots, that the problems started on the 20th July 1974 when the Turkish armed forces arrived in Cyprus to put an end to bloodshed which other countries ignored. So it’s claimed “my country was invaded” but curiously the day before this memorable date, Archbishop Makarios stood before the UN Security Council on the 19th July 1974 and pleaded for their help and said my country has been invaded by Greece and supported by Greek Cypriot Eoka terrorists. Click here to read Makarios’s speech.

Let’s move on from those days of madness and take a more conciliatory and sensible view of how to solve the problem. Along came the UN to help resolve the Cyprus problem and a proposal was made, the “Annan Plan”  which the Turkish Cypriots voted to accept in 2004  but the Greek Cypriots rejected it.  The result of this outcome was that Euros loanthe European Union welcomed South Cyprus into the EU but the Turkish Cypriots in the North were left outside the EU to face continued embargoes and rejection.

In recent times we have seen offshore exploration being carried out by South Cyprus in conjunction with other countries and when reminded that the Turkish Cypriots are entitled to a share , responded by saying, they can expect a share, when a settlement to the Cyprus problem is reached.

It’s said that the  EU are now beginning to tire of the Greek Cypriot attitude and have made them pay dearly for their EU bailout package.

So where do we go from here and what can we expect. Very little change unless the Greek Cypriots learn to set aside the past and accept the realities of past wrongs and come to the table with an honest intention of coming to an agreement that respects both communities as equals.

To read more of the EU difficulties please follow the link below EUROPE – Greek Cyprus ‘punished for blackmailing Europe’.

3 thoughts on “Greek Cyprus ‘punished for blackmailing Europe

  1. The following list is from Nicos Rolandis The ex Foreign Minister of Cyprus “Peace moves rejected by Greek Cypriots: I think the world will slowly get fed up with Turk bashing by The GCs. Its way past its sale by date.

    1) 1948: Consultative Assembly: We (GCs) rejected it.

    2) 1955-56: Harding proposals: We (GCs) rejected them.

    3) 1956: Ratcliffe Constitution: We (GCs) rejected it.

    4) 1958: Macmillan Plan: We (GCs) rejected it.

    5) 1959-60: Zurich-London Agreements: We (GCs) rejected them in 1963 (through the efforts to amend the Constitution) although we initially accepted them.

    6) 1964: Acheson Plan: We (GCs) rejected it.

    7) 1972: Agreement of Clerides-Denktaş: We (GCs) rejected it.

    8 ) 1975: Bicommunal Arrangement: We (GCs) rejected it.

    9) 1978: Anglo-American Canadian Plan: We (GCs) rejected it.

    10) 1981: Evaluation of Waldheim: We (GCs) rejected it.

    11) 1983: Indicators of Perez de Cuellar: We (GCs) rejected them.

    12) 1985-86: Consolidated Documents of Perez de Cuellar: We (GCs) rejected them.

    13) 1992: Set of Ideas, Boutros Boutros-Ghali: We (GCs) rejected them in 1993.

    14) 1997: Kofi Annan’s proposals at Troutbeck-Glion: They could not go through.

    15) 2002-2004: Annan Plan: We (GCs) rejected it

    1. Thank you Ismail for your comment. Now how many people know or even care about this one sided state of affairs?

      Now is the time to be making it very clear on the world stage that the Greek Cypriot war of words has been continuing and deluding them for a long time, but now it will all change.

      1. Greek Cypriots have been controlled by Proparganda for many years , and lied too by the powers from Nicosia .

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