March 20, 2023

International Recipes – Artemis Soufflé

By Ralph Kratzer


 • 3 eggs

• 50 g sugar

• 2 cl Safari Liqueur, flavoured with exotic fruits (have seen it at eg “Hürdeniz”)

• Juice of half an orange (if not available freshly, take it from the bottle eg “Bloom”)

• 200 g bitter chocolate

• 100 g butter

• 100 ml cream

• 100 g flour

• 1 tbsp coffee

• 20 g maragarine


Melt chocolate in milk. Take two of the eggs, separate whites from yolk. Mix whites with sugar and stir until foamy.

Safari LiqueurAdd Safari Liqueur, orange juice and coffee, continuing to stir.

Add butter, chocolate milk and the third egg. Continue to mix and add the flour. The batter is now ready.

Grease small heat-resistant dishes with margarine. Sprinkle them with sugar. Pour the batter into them.

Bake in an oven at 180°C for 7 minutes.

As a garnish you may use whipped cream and/or ice cream with sauce.

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