September 28, 2022

Pledge of EU aid boosts Cyprus credibility

By John Aziz Kent

I have read a number of online Cyprus Mail articles and made comments and you may find reading Pledge of EU aid boosts Cyprus credibility”  is interesting if you are seeking clarity regarding Cyprus issues and my comment is shown under.John Aziz Kent sml

“Mr Haris Georgiades, the Minister of Finance is saying that selective default is technical.

Oh yes, so was the deep haircut that the Troika gave to the Cypriot People even to the ones that did not deserve a haircut let alone a deep haircut.

It is about time that the EU helps with the Cyprus political problem so that can be helpful to the economy as well enough of hidden politics played on Cyprus for many years.

To learn more do read the Cyprus Mail article by following  this link :  Pledge of EU aid boosts Cyprus credibility | Cyprus Mail

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