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Trevor’s Tips – July 2013

By Trevor Hughes

Residence Permits

If, for whatever reason, you are considering taking out a British passportbank loan, [for new car for example] many financial institutions require several pieces of documentation in support of your application. One being either a work permit, or current Temporary Residence stamp. Without either of these, your loan advancement may well be refused. Something the over sixties need to keep in mind when deciding whether to renew their Temporary Residence, or not!

Blood Screening Charges

If you are in need of a blood transfusion whilst being treated at a private hospital, the price of a unit of blood has increased. Private hospitals purchase supplies from the State run blood banks. The cost for obtaining a unit of blood has gone up from 50 TL per unit, to 200 TL per unit. On top of this there is a 50 TL charge for Blood transfusionscreening [because they don’t trust the state screening programme] and a 50 TL charge for the drip attachment. That’s a 400% increase on blood prices.

When you need a blood/plasma transfusion, it is your responsibility to seek sufficient units of blood from donors sourced by you. If you rely on the State blood bank for supply, following on from your operation you will need to seek out sufficient donors to replace the units used. Mrs Pru Lundie of the British Residents Society is an extremely useful source in trying to obtain sufficient donors to replenish stocks used. The Kolan British Hospital does not require you to seek out donors for replacement; they undertake this procedure on your behalf.

Mobile Tyre Repairs

Dağli Sigorta is now offering an additional facility to their Dagli Sigorta logocar insurance policies. Because none repairable tyre damage is included in their fully comprehensive car insurance policies, holders can now benefit from a mobile tyre replacement facility. Yet again demonstrating Dağli Sigorta Agencies are market leaders in car insurance.

Greek Emergency Telephone Number

If you are on the Greek side of the island and need to ring someone in the TRNC, you will need a mobile phone with a “roaming” facility. The code Cyprus Flagmaking such a call is 0090 and then the number you want, leaving out the first 0 of the contact number e.g. 0090 533 844 3403. If your mobile does not have a “roaming” facility and you need to make a call from a public phone box, make sure you have 10 Euros at hand, this is the cost of a call from the Greek side to the TRNC.  Especially useful if you need the services of Dağli Sigorta breakdown facility contained in their fully comprehensive car insurance policies.


I attended a funeral earlier this month for a much respeFuneral wreathcted and well-loved family man, who lived in Lapta.    Mr Harry Fellows and his team of volunteers attended to every need of the bereaved, in their usual efficient manner. Harry and his team are the unsung heroes when the time arises. The current cost of a burial in the TRNC is £650.00, far cheaper than funerals costing on average £3,704 for a burial in the UK [figures published in the Sunday Express]

If you need the services of Harry and the Burial Committee, you can make contact with him by ringing 0542 825 2443 or (0392) 825 2443.

Off Road 4 x 4 Vehicles

In the unlikely event of civil commotion here, the army rOff road vehicleeserves the right to apprehend all off road vehicles for their use, even though they may be privately owned. Your fully comprehensive insurance policy will cover the vehicle for any damage caused whilst in their possession, but not car hire for the time they have used your vehicle.

Gas Bottles

Following last month’s topic, regarding propane gas tanks, the Law requiring you to have a certificate of safety and annual permits, does not apply to the small bottles normally used for cooking and/or mobile gas heaters.

Here is a copy of an e-mail I received as a result of last month’s News Round. The reader has given me permission to circulate it!!

Hi Trevor

Just to let you know my little story since receiving your email.

Re your email about Gas Pots.propane_tank[1]

Having never been made aware of the requirements, or indeed anything to do with Gas Pots, I started checking my paper work.

Nothing could be found so I assumed I had nothing and all was still with the builder, since 2004.

I phoned the builder who said he had nothing. Incidentally the builder has been superb to all of us, Kibris Insaat.

So I went off to Lefkosa and spoke to Jet Gas. A very helpful young girl with perfect English understood everything I was on about. Away she went to check her files and came back with my contract, from 2004, between myself and Jet Gas for the 1000ltr gas pot.

What a surprise that was.

Next step was to the Girne fire station and they advised I go to the Interior Ministry office in Girne. I was introduced to a young man with very good English. Asked if they had anything on me as far as permits, go. Another check was carried out.

Another shock as he came back with a file in my name. Yes a permit etc. had been given but way back in 2004.

They had lots of paper work on me.

There was a letter from them to me in 2005 informing me that I was due to renew my permit. It was written in Turkish and I can honestly say I can never recall receiving it. I asked them to clarify a few things for me. It did not matter what I offered them in the way of a ”reasonable defence” their bottom line is. We can prove you have lived in the house since 2004, you have benefitted by the gas, you have had annual top ups of gas from Jet Gas. I said yes to all but asked for them to be lenient with me.

All they said was. We have our instructions, all fines have to be back dated and they are compounded from day one.

I asked what would happen if I did not pay.

I was told the police will be informed and legal action will take place by going to court as well as having the gas pot removed. Apparently they have already carried this out to some people.

They did offer me an appeal letter to the manager but more or less informed me of what the outcome would be. It was my decision not to go with any kind of appeal. If I had, maybe it would have worked but I just wanted to get things sorted and out the way.

They also said ‘‘It does not matter how long it takes but we will get everybody in the end as we are tightening up”. They are trying to get it so as the gas delivery lorry driver asks for the permit when he makes a delivery ”No permit No gas”.

The bottom line was I was relieved of a rather large amount of Lira (826) going back to 2005.

Do I feel better? Yes I do because I did get the impression that they are going to carry out their inspections. They do not mind if it takes years, as all that does to us is increase our fines bill.

So others should be aware they are getting very serious about this one.

The telephone number for Jet Gaz is 0392 444 4538. If you call into their offices, there is a young and extremely helpful young lady who speaks very good English. She is located on the left side of reception as you enter the building.


Take the main Lefkosa to Ercan road. At the traffic lights just past Cyprus Today offices, turn right into Lefkosa City centre (this road passes Cangar Motors and ends at the bus station), with Levant car show room on your  left hand side. About half a mile on the left there is a large Jet Gaz sign. Turn left and go through the gate opening and into the Jet Gaz compound. Parking is on the left and the office you need is located up a few steps near to the gate of entry.

Obviously this is for Jet Gaz customers, for alternative gas suppliers you will need to obtain relevant information and directions from them.

Scrubland Fire

Earlier this month, some scrubland near to our home was set on fire by the land owner burning grass cuttings, cut from his field. The fire very quickly caught hold and the man decided to disappear on his moped, saying the fire will extinguish itself. Some hope of that!!! The fire brigade were called out and three tenders duly arrived, supported by Belediyesi men and their vehicles, two police cars and two supporting water tankers. There was thick black acrid smoke and sparks floating everywhere from the fire. There was no “risk assessment” carried out, no “Health and Safety” officer and no” jobs worth” preventing the crew from doing their job.

 It was not too long before the fire was brought under control and danger averted. The way in which the fire crew controlled the situation, The fire brigade in actionmust rank them as some of the most efficient fire fighters in the world. WELL DONE LADS. The fire brigade came back several times throughout the day ensuring the fire had not re-ignited itself. The fire emergency telephone number is, 155 for domestic fires and 177 for forest fires.

The speed, at which the fire took hold, was alarming and sealed in our minds the dangers of fire and the damage it can cause in such a short time.

When talking to new customers about house insurance, Dağli Sigorta has neighbour liability automatically included in their policies to protect customers against such an event. The threat of a bush fire here is extremely high, because temperatures are frequently in the mid-30s for months on end, making grass and trees tinder dry. As witnessed, the fire in our road jumped one garden and set alight another garden, some 12 metres away. Our house, some four houses away, suffered minor singeing, but nothing over serious. Our homes smell of smoke, and the ash from the fire is everywhere.

Many of our readers go away for several months in order to get out of the excessive summer heat. This is when your property is at its most vulnerable. Just imagine coming back to find your property severely damaged by fire or even completely gutted!! This is a time when you rely on your neighbours to look after your investment, as we did, with ours. Their villa could have been completely razed to the ground had we not taken action before the fire crew arrived.

Can I suggest you check with your insurance company, that your policy is valid when your property is empty for several months, as many do not! And ensure you get their reply in writing. Duty of care does not apply here; it is your responsibility to ask relevant questions to ensure cover applies.

Karşiyaka Turtle Watch

Spot has asked if I can include the following for them:

Karşiyaka Turtle watch can now be found on Facebook….. This will be updated daily, with information of excavation days, for those who want to come and watch a Turtle nest excavation from mid-July, the same as at Alagadi. Times will vary so we can release the hatchlings as soon as it’s dark, with a chance to release a hatchling yourself.

So far we have 16 nests, but still have about 6 weeks of nesting to go.

For any other info. Please call at the SPOT stall at Lambousa Market Sat’s 9-12.30 – Tricia 009 0533 846 9563SPOT LOGO sml

We’re also offering, new this year, ‘Name a Nest’ so for more details please call at the stall if you’re interested.

 If you want to book with ‘The Marine Turtle Conservation Project’ at  The Goat Shed, Alagadi (now in their 21st year)  for a night on the beach, with the hope to watch a female lay her nest, call  0533 872 5350, but there is a waiting list, so call early! (Only until the beginning of August when nesting finishes). We meet at the project and go on the beach with them about 9.30pm, they come off at 6am, but you can come off before, just tell them and they’ll take you back to your car.

For both of these, there is NO Charge. This is a non-profit making project, so donations are always welcome.

Change of Phone Number – Kibtek

Readers, please note, Kibtek telephone numbers haveKIBTEK changed. Their new numbers are now 0392 600 0900 or 0548 888 8881 or 0392 228 5555 ex 41214

Late Night Chemist Rota

Please note; because the opening times are subject to changechemist logo without notice, before setting out, it is wise to check the chemist rota has not changed. The July 2013 Rota can be found by clicking here

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