July 1, 2022

Chateau Lambousa Reborn

By Chris Elliott

Last week I went to Chateau Lambousa and brought you news of the Saturday Market and this week I went back to bring you more news of this and also an update on the Girne American University’s (GAU) activities with the Chateau Lambousa Hotel.

I met with Gordon Kent, Director of the Celebrity Hotels Group when he talked about the developments in hand and announced that the Gordon KentSaturday Market will now take place in the Trojan Gardens, this Saturday  the 15th June.

Do join me for a meeting with Gordon and be first to walk round the new Saturday Market complex which you can see on the video below.

Last week we brought to you details of the new market arrangements which you can see on the following links. Page 1      Page 2

As a reminder of past important events at Chateau Lambousa please follow these links and read our articles.

Chateau Lambousa to be reopened by GAU   Chateau Lambousa that was the week that was

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