September 26, 2022

CESV present vital equipment to hospital

We are pleased to be able to bring to you the latest news of the Civil Emergency Service Volunteers activities through the article below.

By Kim Collard

Senior Nurse Lena of the Blood Donor Collection Service at Girne State Hospital approached the C.E.S.V in the early part of last year, to see if they could source a Blood Analysis kit or its latest model as this cuts the time from having to take blood and then take it to the laboratory. This can take up to 20 minutes, the Blood Oncology kit takes just 6 seconds, just a prick of the finger and a drop of blood.

Mr. Stephen Collard of the C.E.S.V (left) Steve Collard, Sister Lena, Terry Carter and Dr Özdemir Berova (right).contacted Mr. Terence Carter founder of the C.E.S.V in the UK. We contacted and sourced the equipment then had a meeting with Mr. Ufuk Mustafa Yilmaz, a Turkish Cypriot and a Scientist at Oxford University.

Mr. Yilmaz is originally from Orajköy, who said he would like to donate the Hemocure equipment to the Girne State Hospital to give something useful for the community in the T.R.N.C.

Mr. Carter and members of the C.E.S.V presented the Hemocure to Dr Salih Beyoglu and Dr Özdemir Berova, who is also the President of the Cyprus Turkish Medical Association.


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