September 26, 2022

6th Lapta Tourism Festival

Table Tennis Tournament

By Margaret Sheard

There was a Table Tennis Tournament at the Sempati Hotel in Lapta on Sunday 5th May, which is another event in the 6thTable Tennis Lapta Tourism Festival.   Here are the results:-


1. Keith Baker
2. Sebahattin Alat
3. Burhan Boran                             Table Tennis Tournament
4. Sunal Guneyli


1. Hasan Aydemir
2. Gunay A Arcan
3. Gamze Alat
4. Yukselen Deniz

Well done all the participants and to the winners in the two classes of adults and children. I hadn’t realised that table tennis was still popular and although I remember it from my teenage years, it was never a sport I took part in, but it is nice to see that the game is still around and there are people who like to play.

Having noted all of the events that Berke has been including in the Lapta Tourism Festival program there is plenty to be enjoyed by the young, and not so young, people of North Cyprus.

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