February 8, 2023

6th Lapta Tourism Festival

King’s Bowling Tournament

By Margaret Sheard

Another event in the 6th Lapta Tourism Festival programme, the Ten Pin Bowling Tournament at King’s Bowling Centre, took place on Saturday 4th May and Berke Ertopaloğlu has kindly supplied the results.

The ladies did well with some good Julie Harrison and Berke Ertopalogluscores:-

Julie Harrison – 308 points

Mucessem Oder – 188 points

Gaye Temel – 156 points

 ten-pin bowling



The men’s results were:-Kim Tyler (left) with Berke Ertopaloglu

Kim Tyler – 373 points

John Oz – 310 points

Derek Hughes 305 points


Having recently attended a friendly ten-pin bowling tournament myself and failing dismally, I can appreciate the scores that these people achieved, I really must try harder to bowl in a straight line in the future! Just as well I didn’t decide to participate Berke!

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