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TRNC News Today – 30th April 2013


President Eroğlu has sent a letter to the EU Commission’s President Jose Manuel Barroso Jose Manuel Barroso rhand expressed what he is expecting from the EU Commission to prevent any kind of activities that ignore the sensitive issues in the island.

In his letter Eroğlu stated his worries regarding the developments which had emerged in the EU.

“The use of Greek signboards and names is a misfortune”.

Stating that he called Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiadis after the election and congratulated by sending a letter Eroğlu invited Anastasiadis to a meeting held in a social Nikos Anastasiadisenvironment in order to determine a road map to start the negotiations for a comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem. Eroğlu continued :” While the Turkish Cypriot side is taking positive and constructive steps to find a comprehensive solution for the Cyprus problem, it is a misfortune that the office of the EU Commission’s Secretariat General ordered Director-Generals and Heads of Sections to use the Greek version of TRNC names and signboards.

This is far from contributing to the possibility of an agreement which shall be reached by the two sides.  We are expecting from the EU Commission, which is one of the leading organizations in the EU,  to prevent any kind of activities that ignore the sensitive issues in the island.

Highlighting that using a mother tongue is one of the human rights which are protected with the EU’s various contracts and agreements President Eroğlu stated that it is natural to use Turkish signboards and names when it is considered that the Turkish Cypriots’ mother tongue is Turkish.

“Turkish is one of the official languages”

In his letter President Eroğlu stressed that Turkish was registered as one of the official languages of the South Cyprus Greek Cypriot Administration which joined  the EU in spite of rejecting the union (Annan) plan in 2004.

Eroğlu said that: “Despite of the numerous calls in terms of TurkishDervis Eroglu to be accepted as one of the EU’s languages, the Greek Cypriot Administration refuses this. Therefore the Greek Cypriots violate the 3rd article of their constitution that indicates Greek and Turkish as being official languages.

Also criticizing the Communications Directorate of the EU Commission which forced representatives of Turkish Cypriot environmental organizations, who were invited to a meeting in Brussels, to fly to the EU’s capital via Larnaca Airport in the south, Eroğlu stressed that there were not any international resolutions which prevent the use of North Cyprus ports.

Eroğlu also repeated his desire to meet with the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiadis within the next month and launch the negotiations.


TRNC President Dr. Derviş Eroğlu has received Deputy Mayor of Çankırı Municipality Celal Kaman and President of Çankırı War Veterans Association Ahmet Çelik and the members of the Association who waged a struggle during 1974 Peace Operation and Korea.

Making a speech during the meeting, President Eroğlu stated that the Greek Cypriots has ‘stolen’ “Republic of Cyprus” from the Turkish Cypriot people and the  “Republic of Cyprus”Cyprus Flag has been handed over to Greek Cypriots because of the mistake made by the UN Security Council, and emphasized that the real occupier is the Greek Cypriots who call Turkey the occupier:

Pointing out that despite the reality, the Greek Cypriots became UN and EU members, Eroğlu said “due to the fact that the world does not acknowledge the realities in some countries and adopts an attitude according to the region, people or religion instead of a just behaviour left us without a solution until today and while the Greek Cypriot side continues its intransigence, they carry on to keep us under TRNC Flag lgembargoes. This shows the understanding of the people of the civilized world on human rights”.

Reminding that the Turkish Cypriot people longed for the Peace Operation during difficult national struggle years, Eroğlu explained the events experienced and expectations during those years and stated that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been established on a geography formed after the operation and has been maintained with the support of Turkey.

Expressing that the hard times were overcome by supporting each other Eroğlu underlined that they experienced those days together and now they work for developing and maintaining the TRNC.


Prime Minister Irsen Küçük and TR Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay held a joint press conference at the Ministry.

Küçük pointed out that the protocols have been signed between the Ministry of Economy İrsen Küçükand Energy and the related associations to envisage easier conditions for credits aimed to  support their members and remove the bank formalities.

Stating that the analysis reports prepared in four subjects in the TRNC were dealt among inter -delegation meetings Prime Minister Irsen Küçük said that the result of the research was presented to develop the TRNC economy, identify the problems better and to move the economy to a better position. Küçük added that these precautions will be implemented in the following days to ease and progress the economic life in the TRNC and her people.

Also stressing that 75 million cubic meters of water which will come from the Motherland provides important possibilities for the TRNC Prime Minister Küçük continued: “We shall have stable water for the first time. We can use it for usage, drinking and watering”.

Mentioning that the project works are continuing, the building of the two big barrages in Anamur and in Gecıtköy is also continuing and Gecitkoy Reservoirthey will be put into service sooner than expected Küçük stressed that the project will be completed in March 2014 or earlier.

Stating that basically how the TRNC economy progress and how the co-operation between the two countries further develops were discussed Besir Atalay added that all the ongoing projects were looked through at the meeting yesterday and due to the first program the TRNC goes on without experiencing a crisis.

Expressing that “It is pleasing to see the TRNC people stand on their own feet powerfully” Atalay said that Turkey is ready to make all kinds of contributions with regard to the development of the TRNC economy. 


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with Special Advisor of the UN Secretary General on Cyprus, Alexander Downer.

It was stated that the meeting was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Special Ahmet Davutoglu 2Advisor Downer informed Foreign Minister Davutoğlu about his recent meetings in the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Greece. Foreign Minister Davutoğlu and Special Advisor Downer also exchanged views on the Cyprus question.

Emphasizing that Turkey continues to support the settlement of the Cyprus problem, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu underlined that the call made by Northern Cyprus to restart the talks is important and should be responded to. He added that both sides will benefit from the resuming of the talks.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu also explained in detail Turkey’s views on statements made by Greek Cypriot Administration concerning natural gas and gave information about the letter sent to the UN Secretary General and the other related countries.

As part of his contacts in Ankara, Special Advisor Downer also met with Ambassador Feridun Sinirlioğlu, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. 


 It was stated that UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus, Alexander Downer, is trying to involve Turkey and Greece in the CyprusAlexander Downer problem but his efforts are prevented by Greek and Greek Cypriot governments.

Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros noted that Downer seems to be understanding for Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiadis due to the economic problems in the South Cyprus but he shaped his project.

‘Some methods are trying to be found by the UN and Anglo Americans in order to start the procedure regarding the Cyprus problem in the autumn. According to these circles, some preparations should start in Lefkosa. Due to this fact, the negotiator is not expected to be appointed until the summer’.

Source TRNC Public Information Office


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