June 8, 2023

GAU Flying Angels – Latest News

We have been amazed at the incredible level of readings of our article about the GAU Flying Angels which has run into hundreds since it was posted at 9.30pm on Wednesday 30th January.

What has been even more amazing is the level of telephone calls, emails and messages we have received from individuals and organisations offering their support aGAU Flying Angels logond best wishes for this new project.

Sadly sometime on Friday the server hosting the Flying Angels’ website appeared to cease responding to our readers attempts to access the site by clicking on the links in our article. This is being investigated and no doubt a number of potential visitors also want to register their application to volunteer along with others to help the Flying Angels.

Many people are anxious for more news so we have attached two posters (English and Turkish) produced by the Flying Angels which show both a little of what the project is all about and no doubt after we have all finished our weekend break, you will be able to follow our links again and find out so much more about this groundbreaking project which will also bring many communities together.

For those that have not read our main article please click here.

To view the Flying Angel’s posters click on these links     English       Turkish  

By Chris Elliott

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