December 10, 2023

Visitors to Cyprusscene

It’s one thing to run a website/blog but it’s another to know where your readers are from and what they like to read.

Since we started writing during the latter part of July 2012, we have seen a steady increase in readership from around the world with World Translationsmany people now subscribing for email updates of new articles as well.

To give our readers an impression of who else is visiting the site we installed a few days ago, a flag widget which records the first visit of each reader and I just wish we had installed this when we first started and then it would have shown the visits from the start of the site until now. In other words 6 months and not just 10 days.

You, our readers, are important to us and you can now click on articles to register how good you feel the article and information is. For those of you who liked to write your comments, you can do that as well.

The news and reviews we are writing are primarily about North Cyprus and we are always pleased to receive contributions from other people living here so we can talk about how wonderful the homeland we have chosen to live in, really is.

By Chris Elliott

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