December 2, 2023

Cyprus should honour their commitments!

An interesting report has come through via the Internet from Todays Zaman and this concerns the article about Turkey’s chief European Union negotiator, Egemen Bağış’s remarks made during an exchange with the GreekEgemen Bagis Cypriot ambassador to Ireland, Michalis Stavrinos.

In responding to demands from Stavros for Turkey to implement EU protocol, Bağış replied saying Cyprus should honor its own commitments first before telling Turkey to implement an EU protocol that calls on Ankara to open its ports and airports to traffic from Greek Cyprus.

Referring to the Greek Cyprus opposition to allow The EU, to issue regulations to allow direct trade with Turkish Cyprus as a gesture in response to their vote in favour of reunification under the Annan Plan referendum, Bağış said, “Take good note of what I said and convey it to your government. You have to honor your commitments first. Tell your government to quit its silly policies.”

To read more of this report click on the Today Zaman link below:

From Todays Zaman online:

Bağış tells Greek Cypriot government to drop ‘silly’ policies.

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