August 17, 2022

CESV and their Russian Friends

Now that the heat of the summer is diminishing and events are starting to increase,  I had the opportunity of meeting with my old friends from the Civil Emergency Service Volunteers (CESV) at the Riviera Villas Complex over the weekend when they started their first aid training courses again.

Steve Collard the new Operations Director of CESV was there with Bob Flint the Senior Trainer and Nigel Reeves their Publicity Officer to start a new year with their excellent training.

This was a training session that was very different and a first, as around 12 Russian expats had gathered to receive their one day training session which was identical to courses given to TRNC Firemen, Police, Civil Defence Teams, Doctors and Nurses and many others.

The difference was that this was conducted in English with a rapid translation from Dasha Denisova into Russian and not only were there many demonstrations but group practice of the techniques as well.

The course started with an introduction which brought the individuals into the stark realisation that when they are confronted with an emergency with an injured person they should protect first their own safety by conducting a hazard check of the accident scene and then make a verbal contact with the injured person to gain their attention and trust and then carry out a systematic check of the injured person’s body to locate injuries and fluid release and then place the person in the recovery position.

I have seen this procedure so many times and it is amazing how people look, listen and learn and then demonstrate the procedure in an excellent manner and would you believe even a child could do this as I saw with my own eyes. As Bob said there was a case reported in the UK where a young child had saved her mother’s life by treating her in the correct manner before calling for an ambulance.

I have attended many CESV training sessions and observed individuals in training and how they react but I have realised that as expatriates being involved with all communities, CESV members have a very real opportunity to become integrated into the local community no matter what their language is.

This to me is a very important reward for all that CESV brings with their volunteer work in association with Sivil Savunma (Civil Defence) so I have decided to republish many appropriate articles I have written about their work in past newspapers. There is great value in our readers understanding the benefit of this work not only to keep safe the local community but as a binding agent to bring all people together.

This event was sponsored by Leverage Investments a local company that is one of the leaders in property market selling mainly to Russian speaking people. For more news of Russian events contact Dasha Denisova on

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