May 28, 2023

Latest news from Kyrenia Animal Rescue

KAR Education Team Welcomes a New Member from the USA

Local resident Yeșim Ozbalci joined the Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) Education Team recently as a new volunteer teacher.  The KAR Education Team is responsible for educating children between the ages of 5-11 years old about animal welfare relating to cats and dogs in schools in and around the Kyrenia area.

Yeșim was still in the USA renewing her teacher training when she first saw an email asking for a new volunteer member for the Education Team who could speak both English and Turkish very well and also asking for someone with volunteer experience with animals. Yeșim sent an email to KAR mentioning background about herself and her experience with animals. KAR was very interested in Yeșim as she had been a volunteer in San Francisco Bay Area for years. What is more, her work experience in Girne American University as a lecturer was also a bonus, as this was just the sort of experience that KAR had been looking for.


Yeșim said “I am very excited to join the KAR Education Team and have an opportunity to support KAR helping animals. I think education of the children is the main foundation to introduce animals to children’s consciousness. Those children will end up educating their families. Hopefully, in Cyprus we will have more people who know how to take care of their animals safely and humanely.”

Yeșim volunteered for the Milo Foundation when she was living in US and adopted her 3 dogs which she had fostered to save them from a kill shelter. She currently owns 2 rat terriers and a Chihuahua both of which had been abandoned when they were found. She says “I was able to cope with lots of difficulties in my life with my dogs for company and also I think adopted dogs appreciate our company better, because they know that a warm house and a loving owner is important.”

Yeșim Ozbalci with her dogs Pinky and Simon

Yeșim believes that animals are a human being’s best friend and their unconditional love could be healing for all of us. She says that people who have animals live longer than people who do not. “Of course we have responsibilities towards them as well” she said.

Yeșim will be educating school children about their responsibilities to cats and dogs with the KAR Education Team at the start of the new semester in September.

Further information contact Yeșim Ozbalci on 0542 853 6931

The Education Team are available to visit schools and can tailor requirements according to the age of the students. For further information please contact Maggie Smith on 0533 8305361.

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