March 23, 2023

When the Hot gets Cool

So here we are slowly cooking day by day in the intense heat and perhaps thinking “Beam me up Scotty” when news arrives of some lucky souls who have found a way of keeping cool as well as having fun and making new friends.

Down at the Incirli beach Piknik Restaurant which is at the end of the Lapta strip you will find Maddi Gergin with her friends every Tuesday and Friday between 9.00am and 10.00am enjoying water aerobics in the sea.

Now that sounds great, to be in the cooling water having a workout without an ounce of sweat to show for it. That just has to be a challenge to go for and be there having a respite from the heat wave in the crystal clear cooling water whilst toning up those muscles and then, to cap it all, sit and have a cup of tea or coffee or whatever while talking to new friends.

For more information please call in to see Maddi on Tuesday or Thursday or the management at the Incirli beach Piknik Restaurant’ any other day.

With thanks to Patti Foch-Gatrell for her news of how she spends her time keeping cool and fit down on the beach.

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