June 8, 2023


 Welcome to Trevor Hughes from Karşiyaka who has been providing such wonderful and helpful information to his large band of friends and contacts. We are pleased Trevor has agreed that this information can now be shared on these pages with a larger audience. 


This article appeared in the Daily Mail recently, highlighting the Spanish Government’s attempts to “balance their financial books”. Ring any bells?

“The Spanish government last week introduced new residency requirements for EU citizens who want to live in Spain for longer than three months – which include providing proof of sufficient income “not to become a social burden on the state”

And now David Cameron is being urged to do the same!!!!!

It goes to show, the Government in the T R N C may have got something right?

On the subject of Temporary Residence applications, the Immigration Department in local police stations are now requesting that people making their applications for Temporary Residence, hand over a photo copy of their last Temporary Residence stamp [the one in your passport].


In an attempt to keep homes as cool as possible during this very hot weather, people are going out leaving doors and windows wide open. Although relatively low, Northern Cyprus crime statistics are the highest they have ever been, making it even more important to secure your home before going out. If your home is burgled and you intend making an insurance claim, there must be clear evidence of forced entry. If a burglar gets through an open window and there is no proof of forced entry, your insurance company may not meet the claim!


The very hot weather we’ve been experiencing lately has made our trees, forests and roadsides tinder dry. Fires are easily started and have a devastating effect on people’s lives. Be careful when lighting your barbecue as these can easily be the cause of a fire. Or a careless smoker throwing a cigarette end away without thinking can easily start a fire.


Owners of vehicles in the TRNC are now able to pay their annual road tax by credit card, should they so wish. The new facility is currently only available in Lefkoşa, but will soon be available in the coming months at other outlets. Watch this space for more information.


Staff at the driving licence office in Girne are becoming a little more vigilant in processing driving licence renewals. When you submit photographs in support of your application and you are shown to be smiling, they will reject your application. To meet their standards, your photographs should not even show your teeth [smiling].


Because August sees the end of Ramadan, all Government, local offices  and Banks will be celebrating this most important of feasts and will therefore be closed on Monday the 20th, Tuesday 21st and Thursday 30th.

With thanks for this news to Trevor Hughes

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