Pizzanini, Catalkoy – Official Opening Night

By Margaret Sheard ……

Although the Pizzanini Cafe/Bar has been open to customers for the past few weeks, an official opening had been arranged for Wednesday 10th May, by Peter Toms and Wendy Smith and they invited a large group of friends to join them to wish Nidai Özerk well for the future.  The business, which is next to Tempo Supermarket in Catalkoy has re-opened after a long  absence due to family losses.  It originally opened in 2006 and was very popular with the locals.

It was a nice evening and a long table had been set up outside and Nidai had been busy preparing chickens in his outside cooking cabinet for a lovely chicken and chips supper, which had started off with garlic bread.   It was nice to see many familiar faces at the gathering and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.

I must thank Nidai for remembering that I was vegetarian and he  had decided to make me a nice cheese and tomato omelette.

We noticed that Nidai’s fiancee, Sevgi, was not there that night  but understand she was in Turkey.  The next event which we can perhaps look forward to is Nidai and Sevgi’s wedding which is planned for the next year or so at which time  Nidai will take on a ready made family.




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