Girne’s Mete Adanır Street has been asphalted

For our local readers who had been aware of our Girne roadwork alerts and, perhaps, for those folk who have not been able to avoid them, we bring you the latest report from Girne Municipality on the progress they have been making with road improvements.

Girne Mete Adanır Caddesi was finished yesterday within the highways upgrade plan carried out by the Municipality of Girne. The asphalt laying process was carried out on the route between Sulu Çember and Şht Dursun Özsaraç Kavşağı.  After the road lines are drawn on the street, the kerb stones will be placed, including the central reservation, allowing drainage.

 Güngördü: Asphalting work will continue throughout the city.

Girne Mayor, Nidai Güngördü stated that the upgrading and finishing of the roads in Girne was carried out with upgraded electricity, sewage works and then drinking water piping from Turkey and that the roads were being upgraded at the end of the works.

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