The Ayia Sophia Mosque in North Nicosia, Cyprus

By Chris Krzentz……..

chris-krzentzIn this step back in time, I went with my dear friend Tuncer Bagiskan, the Turkish Cypriot retired archaeologist, to the Ayia Sophia Mosque in North Nicosia/Lefkosa, Cyprus.

This ancient church is the chief mosque in the northern state of Cyprus, and the great festivals of Bayram and other Muslim gatherings are conducted here. It was formerly the cathedral of St. Sophia which was built in the period 1209 A.D. to 1228, over the ruins of a previous building. In style of architecture, St. Sophia resembles the famous mediaeval cathedrals of France.

Tuncer conducted me on a tour of the building which was so quiet and peaceful when you enter it and like so many places like this, you just feel as one with yourself. During our tour you will hear in the video Tuncer explaining about so many fascinating features of the building and its history when it was converted by the Ottomans into a mosque.

Please sit back and enjoy the video of our visit to the Ayia Sophia Mosque and if you like my videos, feel free to subscribe to my global YouTube channel click here and you can also find me by clicking on the following links FacebookChris Krzentz Presents, Cyprus Culture Group, Twitter, LinkedIn,

You may also like to read about a visit I made with some Armenian friends to  Victoria Street which was in the Armenian quarter in North Nicosia/Lefkosa by clicking here

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