North Cyprus Football : Let the Play Offs begin this weekend



Saturday 8th April : K-PET League 1 Play Offs : kick off 4-oopm @ 20 Temmuz Mete Adanir Stadium , Girne.

By Richard Beale…………….

The long hard slog has finished, now along comes the Play Offs. We come to that part of the season, the nail biting time begins, your hopes or fate lie within the next 3 matches. Gönyeli and Esentepe have clinched promotion “play off” places from their White Group and similarly Göçmenköy and Yeni Boğazici have done so from the Red Group. Göçmenköy finished 2nd in their group and Esentepe 3rd in their Group.

20 Temmuz Mete Adanir Stadium.


The match is being played on a neutral ground, the 20 Temmuz Stadium in Girne which in the past has been a very unlucky ground for Esentepe, where we have failed to even gain a point there in previous matches. However that hoodoo was put to rest earlier this season when Esentepe recorded an impressive 3-0 victory against Girne Halk Evi.

Göçmenköy have had the luxury of having an extra weeks rest, as their season finished one week before Esentepe’s season finished. You can say that extra weeks rest has enabled Göçmenköy to be more relaxed and any injuries or niggles to cleared up. But also their momentum having won their last 4 matches has been interrupted and it may take time to get back on the right track again. Esentepe themselves are on the back of a winning 4 match streak, have momentum and will carry straight on where they left off.

Göçmenköy top goalscorer Murat suspended from this match and right the dangerous Arda Sözcü

Göçmenköy have two inform strikers Murat Gertik on 11 goals and the talented Arda Sözcü on 6 goals. Esentepe have also two inform strikers Tacettin Kose on 11 goals and Eser Kan on 8 goals. However Göçmenköy will lose Murat who has picked up 4 yellow cards for this match and similarly Esentepe will lose Eser for the same offence, so no advantage to either side.

L to R : Esentepe top goalscorer : Tacettin: The suspended Eser Kan : Başak Eser’s likely replacement.

Esentepe will probably replace Eser with the experienced and Club Captain Başak to give support to Tacettin up front. Tacettin  has it appears to be back to his normal predatory self after a run of poor form and has scored 3 goals in his last 2 matches.


Season 2015-16 : 7/11/2015 : GÖÇMENKÖY İYSK 2 ESENTEPE KKSK 1

The match was played at the Atatürk Stadium, Lefkoşa after a goalless first half Göçmenköy took the lead in the 50th minute with a goal from Mehmet Gezer following a mistake by Esentepe goalkeeper Serkan. Arda Sözcü further increased the lead 5 minutes later with a stunning shot from fully 30 yards. Esentepe eventually woke up and reduced the arrears in the 58th minute with a near post header from Eser Kan.

Season 2015-16 : 19/3/ 2016 : ESENTEPE KKSK 0 GÖÇMENKÖY İYSK 0.(drab match, scoreline says in all).

CURRENT FORM : (current matches 1st)

EXPERT PREDICTIONS : 2jags Brown : 2-1 Esentepe win : Sabrerich : same 2-1 Esentepe win, Esentepe just shading a close fought encounter.

DIRECTIONS TO GROUND : 20 Temmuz Stadium is close to the HSBC Bank in Girne. Go past the Bank which will be on the right side, up to mini roundabout. Go straight over and carry on up the road for about 150 yards Ground is on the left. Ample car parking spaces on the outside. Good refreshments and toilets inside the Ground.


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