North Cyprus – Lefke 7th Annual Orchid and Nature Walk

By Margaret Sheard ….

Lefke and the surrounding area is always a nice part of North Cyprus to visit and what nicer than springtime when you can take part in the annual Nature/Orchid Walk.

The nature walk will be on Sunday 26th February, meeting at the European University of Lefke at 9.30am, with the walk starting at 10am.   This will be a wonderful opportunity for nature lovers to see the flora and fauna of the area and especially the orchids.


Participants will be offered sandwiches and fresh orange juice, free of charge, and also a certificate will be given to all nature lovers participating in the nature walk.

The event is organised by Denizli-Karavostasi Development Association, Lefke Municipality and LAU.


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    • Sorry for the delay, this is the information I have received about the Orchid/Nature Walk.

      its about 2 hours. 6 km. its not very easy and not very difficult. First 2 km. little bit difficult. Slowly they can walk.

      I hope this helps.

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