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Corner House, Ozankőy raising money for EFRAR and Tulips

EFRAR and TulipsBy Sue Steel………
EFRAR Committee……..


E.F.R.A.R. 2017 Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those With Cancer)

Wedding Blessing raises money for E.F.R.A.R.

Sandra and Eddie Brennan run the popular Corner House Bar in Ozankőy, famous for it’s gourmet burgers, entertainment and attracting pool and darts enthusiasts.


Theirs is also a love story, which has helped to raise money for E.F.R.A.R. in support of Help Those With Cancer -Tulips.

Sandra was working in Millie’s Bar when Eddie visited the island on holiday. Romance bloomed and he returned at every opportunity. When he came back in December 2015 he proposed to Sandra on Christmas morning and they were married in London on 1st July 2016.

Sandra and Eddie both have family who have suffered from cancer and one of Eddie’s best friends recently passed away with the disease. In August they donated TL650 to E.F.R.A.R., following an event at the bar, and have now given a further TL2,570. This was raised by asking for contributions from friends, who attended their paraglide, which was a wedding present, and everyone who enjoyed their wedding blessing at the bar in November.

Sandra said: “We provided free food and drink to all of our guests and thought it would be a good opportunity to ask for a little something in return, to help such a fantastic charity. We will continue to raise as much money as we can for E.F.R.A.R. and Tulips, knowing that the money will be of real benefit to cancer sufferers”.

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