Dave O’Connor : Rest in Peace

By Margaret Sheard…..

We have learned of the death of Dave O’Connor who suffered a heart attack at his home on Saturday 30th July.    Having known Dave for a number of years this was such a shock as the last time I saw him at the beginning of June he was his normal cheerful self.Dave O'Connor image

Dave was 68 years old, he had been married 3 times and had one son.  He was a keen Manchester City supporter and loved playing football himself in his younger years.   He also loved his dogs.  At the time of his death Dave had 2 dogs which he doted on and he once said to me that he would go without himself to make sure they were fed and watered and he loved taking them for their 3-4 walks every day.

The funeral will be held at 11am on Frıday 5th August at Lapta Cemetery.

Dave O’Connor – Rest in Peace



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  1. So sad to hear the news of Dave’s passing. I have known Dave for many years,and had been in contact with him via phone and email since he moved to Cyprus. I had been worried about not being able to reach him.May he rest in peace.

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