North Cyprus – Plumbing Service

North Cyprus – Plumbing Service

 Call Musa Akçil

 By Carol Blackwell-Gibbs

I gave the name of an electrician I have used to our local Dripping tapreaders a few weeks ago and now I would like to give the name of a plumber, Musa Akçıl.

Musa has been our plumber for several years and is excellent. His English is not perfect but he will get an English speaking person to handle phone calls if he cannot understand your requirements. He can fit and service boilers, central heating systems, water softeners, water tanks and all general household plumbing requirements.

His charges are extremely reasonable. Anyone calling him on 0533 865 0404 should quote ‘Mrs Carol’ and he will attend to their needs as soon as possible!

Editor’s Note

“The opinions, advice or proposals within the article are purely those of the author and do not, in any way, represent those of

Musa Akcil Plumber

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