Can Gazi – A Cup of Conversation with Funky Divaz

Can Gazi’s – “A Cup of Conversation” – with Funky Divaz

By Margaret Sheard

Can Gazi

Can Gazi

I try to tune in to Can Gazi’s Cup of Conversation each week as there are usually some very interesting people being interviewed and this week was no exception when Can invited Lace Reilly and Harlie Lamble into the studio to talk about the hairdressing salon where they work in Karakum, called Funky Divaz.   With Lace and Harlie was Erkan Kadioglu who was to be a model for Harlie to demonstrate a style of carving a pattern.

Can asked a few personal questions about the couple and Lace told him that she had lived in North Cyprus for 5 years where she met Harlie and they decided to get together and join a salon with a difference.  Harlie was born in Cyprus and lived in the UK for a number of years and trained to be a Barber.

Lace said that they were very keen to promote a cancer charity in North Cyprus and had chosen NCCCT as the charity they would like to help and so they had arranged to do a charity event for this charity.

Lace Reilly

Lace Reilly

There are people around who also are willing to have a funky hairdo or colours to raise money for charity and in these cases, Lace and Harlie will carry out their wishes, asking for a donation to be made to NCCCT in lieu of a set salon price.   Lace said that the younger generation would be looking at styles and colours based on current celebrities such as Rhianna whilst the older generation would probably choose a style like Lady GaGa  and others.

As they are very keen to help with cancer patients in North Cyprus, Lace said that they had someone coming from London to give some help and advice on cutting and styling of wigs, which is a lot different to an ordinary head of hair, for cancer patients.

Harlie Lamble

Harlie Lamble

While Can was doing the interview, Harlie proceeded to demonstrate a carved pattern on Erkan so we were treated to glimpses of Harlie at work while the interview continued with Lace. Harlie said that unless the client wants something specific,  a pattern is started and continues from there gradually building it up.

Lace said that some clients like funky colours, one lady likes pink hair and another always has green and red highlights coming up to the Christmas season.

Can wished the couple every success with their charity event which was to be followed by a waxing event at The Lodge in Catalkoy.

This was a very interesting programme and the vision that these two young people have must be admired and let’s hope they are successful in their venture both in the hairdressing world and their quest to help NCCCT with fundraising events.

So who is on Can Gazi’s show “A Cup of Conversation” this week? Well we will be writing about that shortly and for those readers who are unable to watch the BRT2 show we will be writing a review about that as well.

A masterpiece by Harlie Lamble of Funky Divaz

A masterpiece by Harlie Lamble of Funky Divaz


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